History Group visit to Snowshill Manor

36 members visited  Snowshill Manor in Gloucestershire on 6th October.

Snowshill Manor
Snowshill Manor

The main part of Snowshill Manor dates from the 16th century but its main attraction lies in the collection of over 22,000 objects  brought together by Charles Paget Wade in the first half of the 20th century. Wade’s motto was “Let nothing perish” and his overriding interest was craftsmanship. The extent of his collection meant that the house was filled with these objects and he had to live in the Priest’s House in the gardens. Wade bought Snowshill Manor in 1919, having seen it in Country Life whilst on active duty during the First World War and having promised himself he would buy and restore the property if he survived.

The collection includes toys, 26 suits of samurai armour, musical instruments, a huge variety of bicycles and perambulators and much more.

some of the collection

The gardens resemble a series of outside rooms and include terraces, ponds, an ancient dovecote and a model village.

Neither the Manor nor the gardens are the easiest to get around, with many steps and lighting in the Manor kept low, but all in the group found things to interest and occupy them.

A pleasant café contributed to the enjoyment of the day.