How to Stop Radars Tracking You – Garth Wilkinson

Garth concentrated mainly on self protection of military aircraft against radar-directed terminal threat weapon systems, though pointed out that there was read-across to other platform environments and jammer resource deployments.

His talk covered briefly aircraft tactics, but emphasised the role of “soft-kill” electronic countermeasures (ECM) in terms of the use of passive decoys, and onboard and offboard active electronic techniques and technologies.

He described noise, deception and angle jamming techniques which could be used against sophisticated radars employing pulse doppler multiple target tracking & monopulse angle tracking techniques (e.g. using phased array antennas). A number of advanced repeater jammer techniques & technologies were described, including those regarded as most difficult to implement (counter-monopulse). Examples of implementation in specific aircraft types were given.

Electronic Protection Measures (EPM) used by radars to try to defeat jamming were also briefly addressed.

His talk was illustrated with a number of video clips: