H&W – Scams

Our meeting was fairly well attended and Sally welcomed everyone including some new faces. Today we were introduced to Mr Chris Holden who has been a Trading Standards Officer for many years within our County. His talk focused on a very small section of his work bearing in mind his tasks are many and varied. He spoke regarding Safeguarding and Victim Pathways and explained that in 2013 he started working with the National Trading Scam Hub Group dealing with over 300 people who were vulnerable to Scams in this area alone. He explained the varied ways in which any of us could be affected by scam letters, scam phone calls and general cold callers. The thieves were able to infiltrate our own personal lives and able to extract monies without the person actually realising it was a scam. They were very clever and this was his warning – beware and think before you act ! Discuss things with family and friends, CCTV and telephone Call Blockers were a good start. A very interesting talk, and an eye opener for the more trusting of us.
Sally thanked Chris for his informative talk – will we sleep easy in our beds tonight ?? Tea and coffee was served and Chris stayed to chat to our members. We were reminded that the Main December (Christmas) meeting was by ticket entry only – on sale now and selling fast.