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This page contains a list of the interest groups and is used to narrow down the search to a specific subject. It will connect to a single page on the subject. Each “Subject Page” is owned by the Interest Group and they are responsible for editing the content. The pages below represent the “home page” for the respective interest groups.

Selecting an Interest Group

Click on an item in the table below to visit the Interest Group page

You can also use the sidebar to your right which lists the same interest groups. The sidebar is generally available on most pages.

Antiques & Collectables Financial Workshop
Art History Food & Wine Photography
Aspects of Italy French Poetry
Aspects of Psychology Gardening Rummikub
Badminton German Science & Technology
Books & Book Reading Golf Spain & Spanish
Bridge History Table Tennis
Canasta Italian Language Theatre
Cryptic Crosswords Music Appreciation Travel
Current Affairs Out with Friends  Walking

Articles from Interest Groups

Each Interest Group may create additional articles, notes and minutes which are also on this site. You can tell if there are articles from each interest group by looking at the side bar on your left.

You will see some of the Interest groups listed  under Articles.  If you place your mouse cursor over one of the interest group names it will tell you how many articles there are. If you click on one, it will bring them all up in a sequence of pages with the most recent at the top of the page.

articlesThe size of the text in the interest group names listed under Articles, and how bold the text is indicates how many articles there are. If the text is very small there will only be a few articles, if it is very large then there will be many articles.

If an interest group is missing in the side bar on the left then there are no articles, news reports or other additional information available.

To learn more about how this works please visit this page: About this Site.

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