Italian Language

Aims and Objectives

Aims – Starting from basics to build a vocabulary of everyday words and phrases along with an overall understanding of essential grammar. To develop the ability of listening to and understanding spoken Italian.

Objectives – To be able to make oneself understood and to respond to written and spoken Italian in everyday situations, either when in Italy or in activities and role-play within the group

Background and General Description

The group was started in April 2014 and has a regular attendance of 6 to 8 members for each meeting. This number allows everyone plenty of opportunity to join in and to practise their skills in the Italian Language. For each session we plan in advance a topic thus enabling members to do some preparation prior to the meeting. Topics have included ordering a meal, booking hotel accommodation, shopping and going to a market and asking how to get to places. In addition we have included more open ended topics, for example: hobbies, interests, daily life and holiday plans.

To further support our efforts we set aside time to cover essential grammar, often accompanied with a suitable self-check facts sheet. We endeavour to allow adequate time for each member to participate in a practical way. This can be in the form of group work on pre-set examples or spontaneous discussion.

Where possible we locate suitable CDs to support a relevant vocabulary, examples of sentence construction and the all-important matter of pronunciation. The CD extracts are usually taken from the BBC Talk Italian Active Course (books 1 and 2) that we use as a general reference.

Being a self-help group we benefit greatly from those who already have a working knowledge of the language. Whilst we welcome new members with some past experience this should in no way discourage anyone with a desire to learn some Italian, whatever their level, to attend a session and to find out if our style suits their expectations

The sessions are relaxed, reasonably challenging and above all entertaining. As such we hope that, as a learning experience, the time is well spent.

Group Leader:

David Woodbridge                               tel: 01844 343074


Methodist Church Hall , Wycombe Road


Second Wednesday of the month at 2.00 to 4.00 pm

Next Meetings

  • 08/08/2018 2:00 pmtbc
  • 12/09/2018 2:00 pmtbc
  • 10/10/2018 2:00 pmtbc
  • 14/11/2018 2:00 pmtbc
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What we do

U3A Italian Language Group

Since the group commenced back in April we have maintained a regular attendance of members who are keen to develop a working knowledge of the Italian language. This includes those who have studied Italian in the past as well as those who are starting from scratch or from a very limited acquaintance with the language.

For each session we plan to cover a specific topic and to date have looked at introducing oneself, asking for and giving directions in a town, booking a room and ordering a meal. As a group the self-help philosophy works well and, especially when working in pairs, nobody should feel excluded.

By using the BBC Talk Italian Active book and various Italian language CDs we are able to find support for the topics chosen along with examples of essential grammar.

To help with preparation prior to a meeting we usually put together and circulate a vocabulary of key words and a list of useful phrases relative to the chosen theme or topic.

For the future we will be exploring several topics, for example:

  • Days of the week, the months and seasons using examples of regular events and planned holidays etc.
  • Buying clothes and shoes using the continental sizes and numbers.
  • Two sessions on shopping at a continental market for vegetables and fruit and maybe a further session for fish, all using photographs taken in an Alpine town earlier this year.
  • The possibility of a quiz on recognition, again using photographs, of well-known Italian towns and landmarks.



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