Main Meeting – Sept 2013

September Meeting of Risborough U3A

Dr Malcolm H N Jones from the Cross Keys practice came to speak on the changes which have been and are being made in the NHS.

Dr Jones is the Clinical locality Head of the Clinical Commission Group for Aylesbury Vale South covering Risborough, Thame, Long Crendon, Waddesden and Chinnor.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups came in being this year and are clinically led groups including all GP groups in their geographical area. The aim is to give GPs and other clinicians the power to influence commissioning decisions for their patients. Dr Jones introduced his fellow CCG members:

Dr. Stuart Logan (Long Crendon) Clinical Lead, long term conditions

Lesley Munro Faure Managing Partner at Wellington House Surgery

Jean McVea Assistant Director of Quality

Dr.Logan explained that AV South has the smallest population size of the Bucks locations. The population is older than the Bucks average with a higher proportion of people aged 65+ and 85+. The locality is less deprived than Bucks and less ethnically diverse. Live Well Clinics are set up to help struggling patients. Long Term Conditions are more common, reflecting the older population. A higher proportion of older people have difficulty in one or more activities of daily living. Emergency admission rates for people aged over 65 are statistically higher than the Bucks average. Cardiovascular conditions, those with multiple conditions and co-morbid mental health problems are also more common,

Dr Jones referred to the Medicine Management aspect of CCG enabling Doctors to prescribe effective medicines within the practice budget and refuse to prescribe such items as sun cream which can be obtained from a pharmacy. The Fair Shares allocation means that deprived areas, such as Bethnal Green, receive more money that AV South.

There followed an opportunity for members to raise questions regarding local Hospital services, the appointments system and any concerns they had. Each of the speakers responded where appropriate and the meeting could have continued for much longer. It was suggested that an opportunity be made for Dr. Jones to return to a further main meeting, perhaps on a question and answer basis, giving members the opportunity to raise their concerns in more detail.