Music Appreciation – August 2014

The meeting on the 27th August was a little unusual for us as Dick Darke presented a programme of Trad Jazz played by British Bands.

This music was known here before the 2nd World War, but became popular with the arrival of American GIs bringing their record collections with them, which influenced many young musicians.

Considered by many to be the Father of the British movement Ken Colyer’s influence was obvious and the BBC had been a considerable force in introducing the music in the 1950s and 60s as it ran a Jazz Club broadcasting recordings of their radio sessions.

Some 30 plus tracks were played to the group to illustrate the various genres within the overall subject of “Trad” including :- South Rampart Street Parade, Under the Double Eagle, Mapleleaf Rag, Wildcat Blues, Magnolia’s Wedding Day, and some piano Rags and Skiffle.

Sadly the audience for Trad is dying out as most are now quite elderly but there are some good young bands coming along, so the future may not be too bleak.