Music Appreciation

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Group is to deepen our appreciation of all genres of western- style music.

Typically this is achieved through listening to members’ presentations based around a particular theme, all delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Group Leader:

Peter Willett                         Tel: 01844 343487


Community Centre, Cherry Baker Room


Fourth Wednesday of the month. 2 pm

Next Meetings

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What we do

 Our programmes mostly consist of members presenting their choice of CDs to illustrate the music of a certain composer, region, style or era, usually with some explanation to support that choice; and since the last issue of PReVIEW, we have had programmes on ‘Russian Music’ (Dorothy Newman), ‘Life & Music of Tchaikovsky’ (Florence Morris), ‘Beethoven’ (Michael George), ‘Robert Schumann’ (David Dennis) and a Christmas party, where we all brought our own choice of Christmas music.

There are a number of members of the group who are willing to present a programme, but it should not deter anyone with a love of classical/light music from joining us, who feel they can’t participate in this way. I particularly value attending this group, because I am learning about composers and hearing selections of their music, which I have not encountered before.

Please do come along and try us out; you will be made most welcome. We pay a £1 attendance fee to cover the cost of hiring the Clubroom and for the refreshments half way through the afternoon.


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