New Science & Technology Group – first meeting announced

Thank you to all who have expressed an interest in the proposed Science & Technology (S&T) Group. I have tried to take on board the availability of those who have let me know, plus that of a suitable venue, and (sticking a pin in the calendar & map!) have come up with a monthly meeting at 10-12 am on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the Lower Hall of the Baptist Church.

So the first meeting will be on Wed 11 March. My apologies if this arrangement doesn’t suit everyone, but it’s hard trying to fit into everyone’s diaries! I would be grateful if as many of you as can manage will turn up, because a major part will be to explore members’ interests in S&T, be they general, hobby, or prior career experience. In this way, I hope to establish whether a participatory group will be viable with a diverse range of inputs from members. Perhaps you can let me know if you can attend, please?

I may kick off the session with a topic of interest to me (with a physics background), and have been thinking of “Gravity – history to the present day” (I hope not to make it too heavy!!)

Garth Wilkinson