October quiz night

At the beginning of October we held another quiz night, again with questions kindly provided by Richard Woodward, and again a well-attended event. My favourite thought-provoking round was the “film in five minutes” where you needed to identify a film from a sequence of mini pictures telling the story. It was harder than it sounds, but great fun.

Here’s an example – see if you can work it out if you weren’t there:

During the quiz we broke for supper – chicken stew or chilli, with rice and ratatouille, followed by a choice of puddings. Princes Risborough U3A can get through a quite prodigious amount of chilli!

It was a great evening, with not many points difference between the losers who had Smarties (for better smartness next time) and the winners who had a bottle (containing something that wouldn’t necessarily make them smart).

Cathy Whiteway