Photography – buildings; and photos from camera to computer

We had an excellent crop of members’ prints on the theme of buildings, with everyone picking out a photograph (not their own!) that they particularly liked. This exhibition shows that we clearly have too much money in our pockets, judging by the wide range of locations from around the world that were included.

Then we had a session to look at how to get photographs from a camera onto a computer and how to process them. Steve Morris brought in his Nikon D3200 and laptop for this. Although we were able to get his photos onto the PC OK (both using the USB interface cable supplied with the camera and by inserting the camera’s SD card into the laptop’s card reader) the combined computer skills of the group found it impossible to use Windows Explorer to open two existing folders at the same time to allow the photographs to be moved from the camera or SD card to the Pictures folder. So the workaround that we came up with at short notice was:

  • Create a new folder on the desktop, and rename it as appropriate.
  • Move the photographs from the camera or SD card folder into this new folder.
  • Close the camera or SD card folder.
  • Use Windows Explorer to open the Pictures folder and move the new folder into this.

This was followed up with a short introduction to the free image processing software, GIMP, to show how to get images into GIMP and where to find the functions it offers. A quick demonstration was provided of a few representative features – rotating the image, removing lens distortion, correcting perspective, and selecting just a portion of the image for processing.

Bernard has written some notes about the software products he has used which are on the “More on photography” page.

And finally in the last 30 minutes some members projected some of their photos and slide shows on subjects of their choice.