Psychology Group News

Recent Meetings

In January Dr. Tony Maisey, entertaining as always, helped us realise why we develop fears and phobias, and what if anything can be done about them. It all stems from our basic ‘fight or flight’ code of behaviour.
Some aspects we can live with and some need avoidance, whilst we grow stronger in personality if we can face up to our fears.

In February making decisions based on Hamlet’s indecisiveness helped us to realise how simplistic our lives are! Or are they?  And most decisions can actually be reversed. Easiest way to decide – flip a coin, then assess your feelings as regards which way the coin falls!

The March session was organised by Wendy, and Jacquie –thank you both. Members chose to ask a question of a celebrity or authority figure, others had to guess who they had chosen, then debate the answer.
After coffee, ‘Word association’ was introduced, small groups all beginning with the same word, and amazingly after a designated time, some groups ended up with the same word.

Future Programme

The April meeting will be demanding in terms of understanding, as we are discovering Biorythmns. These are three cycles inherent in each of us and have a rise and fall flow pattern during each cycle. Physical is twenty three days, emotional is twenty eight days and intellectual is thirty three days. After working out where these patterns overlap, it is supposed that we can decide which are the best and worst days within the cycle for any of our activities. After all that, Scientists state that there is no scientific evidence to prove it is true!

Chinese New Year

The Psychology Group usually wait to New Year to celebrate the festive Season. This year 2015 we waited to celebrate Chinese New Year on the 19th February. Thirty of us went to Top Wok for Lunch – superb food, eat as much as you like, and we were made very welcome by Shane, the owner. This is the Chinese Year of the Goat or Sheep, and should herald in a much more peaceful time. Lucky numbers are 2 and 7 , so also 27 and 72. Lucky colours are red, purple and brown.

June Brazier