Puddings & Puzzles

In August we held a Puddings and Puzzles afternoon.

Participants brought  home-made puddings, which all looked deliciously enticing laid out in readiness.  Several people chose to start with a gin-and-tonic jelly or a mango soufflé. There were fruit desserts such as gooseberry fool, fruit salad, toffee pears, almond and apricot dacquoise and beautifully precise fruit tarts. Chocolate concoctions included a lovely baked chocolate roll. There were creamy, fruity trifles, banoffee pie and different types of cakes with varied sauces. We were taken to the Caribbean with a Jamaican crunch and the Far East with a zenzei pudding from Japan, which was a new taste experience for most of us.

Between pudding-sampling courses, helped with tea and coffee on demand, we did a variety of brain-stretching puzzles (with prizes) before trying more puddings. We concluded a fun time by drawing the free raffle.

Many thanks to all who came, brought their puddings to put to the U3A taste test, and took part in challenging puzzles with determination, teamwork and perseverance!  

Our next social event is a quiz on Saturday 6th October, all are welcome.

Cathy Whiteway & Wendy Griffiths
Social Events Team