Report Current Affairs 5th March 2018

Because of ill health the meeting was only sparsely attended with 6 members present and Brenda leading.  Brenda had received notice from 2 members who wished to resign and had invited those on the waiting list.

Discussion was far ranging, starting with the proposed extension of parking restrictions here in Risborough and the worry that despite the benefit to residents there would be problems in finding anywhere to park if these new restrictions take place.  A public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7th March at St Mary’s Church Hall.

Does loyalty pay?  A question Brenda raised at out last meeting.  Loyalty by suppliers of services was found to be negligible particularly in the Insurance field, where customers were for the most part taken for granted with no savings being passed on without bargaining.

Most members were surprised to hear that at least one person was sleeping rough in Princes Risborough and this started discussion about the causes and needs of this growing problem.  This led  to thinking about housing/high rise homes and planning permissions and land banks.

On the subject of arming teachers it was thought that the problem in America with school shootings would not spread here and that whilst the President was supported by the gun lobby there might be results from pressure being brought on him from large organisations as well as young people working on the problem in different ways.

Snow clearance was an obvious topic but it was generally thought that the cost of sufficient machinery to deal with the problem could not be justified.

We finished the meeting by deciding that professional sport was spoilt by the amount of money involved and also be the drugs situation to enhance performance.”

Our next meeting will be 4th June 2018, Bank Holidays affecting meetings in April and May.