Report Current Affairs – September 2017

Two apologies were received and one member from the waiting list attended. Nine full members attended.

  • We have cancelled our visit to the Crown Court. When the new Court is ready, we may be able to visit that venue.
  • Today we had a visit from David Jones, Head of Community Focus for BCC and responsible for the Bucks County Library service. He gave us a first-class account of both his history as a librarian, and the present structure of the Bucks Library Service. It is plain that the financial situation both locally and nationally have placed many challenges before the library service. It is equally plain that David Jones and his staff have been creative in facing the challenges. Much remains to be done, but the County Library service is now flourishing, with each individual library having found a model which suits their local needs. We were immensely grateful to David for sparing time to talk to us, in such a positive and humorous way.
  • Next meeting: On 2nd October. We are juggling with possible topics, so will provide details later. The possibilities are that there will be an open meeting on ‘Our previous selves’, so that we each give an account of our early days in our chosen career.

At a future meeting we are to have a visit from a County Councillor, who came to talk to us a while ago, but this will have to be confirmed once his availability is known.