Sprichst du Deutsch?

Sprichst du ziemlich gut Deutsch?

We have discovered that we have all learnt German in several different ways, having learnt it through having a German speaking parent, having studied it at school, at evening classes or by distance learning.

The one thing we all share is the determination to brush up the everyday German that seems to be the easiest to forget. It always seems so pitiful to have to hunt for ordinary words like   “nowadays” after being reasonably fluent once upon a time, but that is the beauty of such a group. We can all make mistakes without being judged and there is always someone who can remember the forgotten word or the right version of a past participle “gedenkt oder gedacht?”.

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 10am. We have just about reached the size limit that can be accommodated round a dining table, but if you are interested in joining us look out for our new web page or contact Christine Huggins to find out more. Email: chrismhug@outlook.com