The British Red Cross

  • Today we had a lesser number of people but as it’s August, expect them to have been on holiday.
    Those in attendance were pleased to welcome Jenny Eveleigh a Red Cross Trainer who was able to give us an overview of the British Red Cross and its overseas organization.
    Initially a businessman named Henri Dunant founded the organization (more by chance) when he organized his villagers to treat casualties in a War torn area from, both sides and they went on to save many lives. Henri wrote a book of this action raising money and as a result the National Society in Switzerland was borne. (1870) Henri along with four other businessman set
    about sorting ideas of what could be expected of the Group. It was later that the UK felt that this organization should be a part of great Britain and so Colonel Robert James Lloyd-Lindsay in London published a letter stating his vision of an organization assisting in war torn areas, giving aid to both sides, as well as assisting with aid for all disaster victims. The Red Cross is thus as
    we know it today relying on donations to provide aid to flood victims, fire victims either abroad or at home. Interestingly, The Red Cross is Protected and at all times stands on “neutral ground”.
    Jenny also highlighted the assistance given at a more local level and they are able to supply mobility aids/independent living, assisting in a safe exchange from hospital to home, shopping, patient transport services, and also the provision of First Aid Courses in the local area. Should a disaster occur (Grenfell Towers fire) then they were able to co-ordinate aid/clothing/food
    bank etc for the residents with support vehicles etc on hand. It was a very informative talk and Jenny bought many leaflets etc which highlighted the various assistances on offer. We were then treated to a short “hands-on” First Aid demonstration ably assisted by Marci – also very informative.
    Jenny then steered us to the website “” which has a host of useful information. Sally thanked Jenny for her interesting talk and gave out notices. She particularly mentioned the need for members to think about joining the U3A committee and gave a brief insight. Refreshments were served.