The joy of Picasa

Members of the group each brought in one or two prints of photographs which they had taken since the last month and with a minimum dimension of six inches. After some discussion (and some disqualifications for being too small or too old – it pays to read the brief carefully) the photograph of the month was chosen.

October photograph of the month - Tony Hennel
October photograph of the month – Tony Hennel

The group then turned to the abilities of the free software, Picasa, for managing and editing photographs. We heard that all you have to do is Google “Picasa” and then download it.

The first task we were shown was Downloading (or is it Uploading)
To import your latest photos from your camera connect it or insert your memory card into a memory card reader/slot and click on the Import tab in Picasa.
Capture 1
Choose which folder you want to put it in and whether you want to create a new sub-folder either with the date it was taken or the date it was imported (or some other title).
Capture 2
In addition to holding your photos in a folder on your computer you can put them in to a virtual album or name the people in the photo. Picasa has powerful face recognition software and once you have named someone it will look at your other photos and make suggestions when it thinks the same person is in the photo.
Capture 3

We then turned to the various editing tools in Picasa.

A few hints: use the straightening tool before cropping; sharpen as your last task; your original image is saved in a separate sub-folder but if you no longer need it delete it. Your images are physically on your computer (so no one else can access them) unless you deliberately upload them to a different location on a cloud somewhere.