TVN Study Day: The Interactions of Medicine, Science and Art – Prof. Peter Abrahams

Prof Peter Abrahams gave 3 particularly fascinating lectures on the Interactions of Medicine, Science and Art at this TVN Study Day.

  1. “Leonardo da Vinci, scientist, engineer and artist, and his relationship to modern Nobel Prize winning concepts such as CT and MRI scanning”. The talk was essentially a repeat of that given at Exeter University, and available on YouTube:

Prof Abrahams also pointed out that an app was available for the iPad “Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy” (cost £9-99p) as a wonderful depiction of his anatomical drawings held in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle.

As a result of a subsequent question about Leonardo’s understanding of the operation of the heart valves and aortic flow, he directed the questioner to a YouTube video which demonstrated that his understanding was 500 years ahead of his time (

2. “The Michelangelo Discovery- the Rothschild Bronzes and the Fitzwilliam Museum”

Prof Abrahams described how he had been asked, as an anatomical expert, to investigate the provenance of these bronzes. He also drew attention to a number of publications, including a DVD “Michelangelo – Love and Death”, still available from Amazon.

3. “The Hand of God” – covering art history, culture, anatomy, and comparative anthropology with some actual pathological case studies.