Walking – Dec 2013

December – 2013

Long Walk: – December 4th led by Chris Mansfield

West Wycombe & Bradenham 9 miles

Eight of us met at the Golden Cross, Saunderton on a rather grey and drizzly day after days of grey but dry weather. We set off at 9.25 to climb the ridge behind the pub and then to walk northwards with good views, somewhat marred by the low cloud though the going was soft but not too muddy. After crossing Haw Lane we continued on in the same direction for another mile before turning onto field paths to reach a lane at Saunderton Lee.

We turned right onto the lane, reached and crossed the A4010 and continued on up Little Lane until reaching a footpath on the right going steeply uphill to the top of the ridge. The skies were clearing now and we had some excellent views – the sun would have made them even better. We now turned southwards on an undulating path, crossed Smalldean Lane and continued on to Bradenham. We walked past the Manor and up into the woodlands following another undulating path to finally reach a track by the railway line.

There was still plenty of colour as we walked through the woods with many leaves still to fall – very late for early December. At the railway line we turned left onto a new track running parallel to the line, dropping down to T junction where we turned right to go under the railway and across a large field to reach the A4010 again. We crossed the road and continued in the field opposite going uphill to finally reach the Mausoleum and church at the top. On top of a ridge once more, we turned northwards again following the path with some mud but nothing like as much as we have experienced here in the past. The path led us to and past Nobles Farm from where it becomes a tarmac road leading back down along Slough Lane and so back to the pub for lunch, arriving at 1.45pm. A table had been reserved for us and lunch was served – extremely good, very large portions – good job we were not walking after lunch! A lovely local walk which one day we will do in sunny weather!

Strollers Walk – December 11th – Leader: Janet Miller

A 3 mile walk around Downley

I was joined by 9 lady strollers and 3 men ,it was perfect weather and not too muddy under foot.

Medium Walk – December 13th led by Libby & Ger James

An 7 mile walk from Askett Garden centre.

6 walkers and one dog (Bumble) gathered braving the Friday 13th – we started and finished in Askett garden centre and walked 7 miles skirting Chequers (he didn’t come and greet us, I think we looked too scruffy) and then past Ellesborough Church to the lowlands of the Aylesbury vale. A new footpath foxed us slightly – it wasn’t marked on the OS map, and the old path had been taken away but with an iPhone in one hand we found a route to continue. It all went very smoothly apart from the final stile – poor Bumble was almost set-upon by a group of nasty dogs from a nearby house, luckily the dogs had a short attention span and we escaped unscathed. Lovely refreshments from the garden centre café restored us all.

Excellent weather, slightly damp underfoot, but the final field decided to cling a little more forcefully to our boots and Angela grew a little.

Main Walk:

No main walk as too near to Christmas.

Christmas party on December 16th with Gardening and Wildlife groups.